Constipation in Children

Constipation is often a parent’s nightmare.

Constipation in children can cause mild to severe stomach pain. Most of the time, constipation happens due to the child’s eating and bowel habit. Children tend to eat “junk food” or fast food with insufficient vegetables, fruits and water in their diet. As it prolongs, their stools becomes hard and painful to discharge. They may try to avoid

going to the toilet due to pain and discomfort. This only results in the stool becoming harder and larger and eventually leads to constipation. The pain from constipation normally goes away after a bowel movement. However, if severe pain persists, it may be caused any another condition such as appendicitis. You should also check for other symptoms such as fever or vomiting.

If your child suffers from chronic constipation or stomach pain, you should take them to seek medical attention. The doctor will normally ask about the child’s eating habits and may perform several procedures such as ultrasound or X-ray. If constipation is diagnosed, an enema would be recommended to loosen the bowels. The doctor will also prescribe pain medication along with some dietary changes.

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