Tips to consider for Haze

Haze is back. As the thick smoke drowns certain places in Klang Valley, the public have been advised to minimise their activities outdoors and take in adequate fluids.


  1. If you must go out, you should wear a mask. A good one – a surgical mask – would be fine.
  2. Drink adequate fluid to ensure that the lining of the nose and respiratory airways were well hydrated to make them less susceptible to irritation.
  3. For the eyes, the haze can cause irritation, conjunctivitis and also secondary bacterial infection through rubbing. Those who wear contact lenses should ensure optimum hygiene of their lenses.
  4. Blocked nose is quite a common problem but it can cause worsening symptoms for people with pre-existing rhinitis and sinusitis. Sore throats and coughs could result from the haze but it could cause even more problems for patients with a history of asthma.

You should seek medical help immediately should you face any problems.